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What to expect...

You booked your session, so what is next?

The biggest question I get is what should

I (we) wear?  I always say to dress for the season, consider the location, and wear

something that you will be comfortable in.  Matchy-matchy is out, so choose coordinating colors that compliment each other.  Avoid logo shirts, or lots of clashing patterns.

The second question I get is location.  I have a variety of locations locally, but I am also willing to travel. If you have a special place in mind, please shout it out!  I love to explore and try something new!

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Day of session...

Being prepared is can alleviate a huge amount of stress on the day of your session.  Some of my recommendations are to bring along a hair brush, chapstick, lipstick, etc. for touch ups.  Water for hot days and maybe one of those cool towels for in between portraits.  Let's keep kids content and bring along snacks, juice, toys.  I'm a mom, and although they are teenagers now, I remember those days. If the little ones need a break and we need to take a 5 minute time out from photographing, then that is what we do.  Trust me that in that time I will be watching for those candid moments to capture.

What I do not want is for anyone to become overwhelmed.  Not everyone loves to be in front of the camera.  So throughout your session I will talk to you; because I want to get to know you as a person and not just someone I am taking pictures for.  I will make jokes, and strike up conversations to help you relax and feel comfortable.

Often times you will see an assistant with me.  She is there to help with lighting, to help get kids to smile and look at the camera, and also to simply be a second set of eyes.

I am not a fan of being overly posed.  I try not to have everyone in a straight line or doing the same thing.  My style is to keep it more relaxed and visually interesting.  I will help to position and pose you for those "posed" photographs, but I will be watching to capture those spontaneous and candid moments.  Remember this is suppose to be fun!  Your job is to relax, and let me take charge and worry about all the details, like getting little ones to smile.


After your session...

Now is the hard part...the waiting.

Once your session is done I will download them and back them up on 

my external hard drive. I will discard any unusable images and professionally edit and retouch the keepers.  You can expect your gallery in about 2 weeks.  However, depending on the time of year this may vary.  I know you are excited to see your images and I do my very best to turn them around as quick as possible.

Once you have chosen your images, I can go back and edit them further if my client requests.  

Various print and digital packages, keepsake albums, and wall art are available to suit any budget.

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