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My Why....

I love what I do.  The End.

People: My clients are so important to me. I love the opportunity of meeting, getting to know them and building a rapport.  I love making them feel comfortable and relaxed.  Busy moms out there, I GET YOU!  Because I am a mom too.  Our time is valuable.  I used to dread getting my kids pictures done when they were younger. It was tedious and stressful. But that time is so fleeting and important. So, I absolutely love when clients feel relieved at the end of their session and state, "wow, you made that so easy!"  

Creativity: I have always had an artistic flare.  Photography give me to those opportunities to explore those creative outlets.  I love new shoot ideas, locations, projects, etc.  I love learning new things 

Preservation: Photography in a sense can defeat time and allow you to stay in the moment.  It keeps the memories of our loved ones alive, preserves an array of feelings, and it shows what is important to us.  It has the power to move us. It is a visual language that can evoke emotion, tells a story, and speaks directly to all of our hearts.  It is so important. Moments don't last for ever but we can be reminded of them and feel those feelings in our heart again when we look at a photograph.

                             and let me tell your beautiful story

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