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Best Locations in Lancaster, PA for Pictures

It is the most asked question that I receive from my clients, "where should we go for pictures?," "do you have any suggestion locations?," or "where are your favorite places to shoot?"

So what are the best locations in Lancaster, PA for pictures anyway? Well this blog post is going to be all about just that....Where are my personal favorite places to photograph in Lancaster, PA.


Lancaster City, PA

If you want an urban and edgy vibe to your pictures then Lancaster City is where to go. There are so many different locations within the city to cover everything that you are looking for. From central market, to graffiti walls, to alley ways, to the cool architecture and parking garages, to Musser Park the options are endless. Below are some links to a few areas within the city, but I definitely encourage you to google images to see the full potential of this area.

Find out more about areas in Lancaster City :

Lancaster County Park/ Rockford Plantation

Lancaster County park offers acres of wooded area, fields of tall grasses, a covered bridge, stone walls, and the Conestoga river. If a fall session is your desire, this is the place. Within the park is the Historic Rockford planation. A beautiful property with a brick home, red barn, wooded fencing, and in the evening the multiple deer will come and visit. While photographing at the park is free, photographing at Rockford is not. Rockford requires photographers to have a photography membership. This ensures that the property is maintained. Also, something to keep in mind that if there is a wedding being held at the plantation, photo sessions that day will be off limits. So, book ahead! You cannot go wrong with this location.

Click the links below for address and more information on this location.

Stauffer Mansion

What I love about Stauffer Mansion is that there is a good variety for photo backdrops within a small location, making it ideal for sessions with elderly parents or young children that don't want to walk a lot. I will often use this as an option when I offer my mini sessions. Here you have the best of both worlds; hardscape and a natural setting. You have the choice of hardscape with the brick of the mansion with a wrap around porch, the barn doors of the carriage houses, and the paver courtyard. The area also offers wooden fencing, landscaped grounds, walking paths, park benches, a large grass area and multiple trees.

Click on the link below for address and more information.

Overlook Park

This is not only one of my favorite spots, but I am pretty sure it is a favorite spot for every photographer in Lancaster. During our busy season, which are the fall months, you can find sometimes up to 20+ other photographers at this location and you will see why. The wooded evergreen area provides cool shade in the summer and a forest like feel. The area also provides areas with tall grasses, and wooden fencing, a small stream, flowers and if you don't mind a short walk to the Stoner House or the Public library there is the option for some brick and stone hardscape. It is a popular spot for both high school seniors and families. Depending on the season, my recommendation is to strategically plan what time to have your session here to avoid a saturated location of other photographers and families.

Click the link below for address and more information

Wildflower Lookout

Beautiful flower fields that bloom with various wildflowers throughout the summer. A fantastic location for a sunset shoot as it is elevated and looks over Lancaster County farmlands. There is a $10 fee per person or you can rent a field for $60 (clients would be responsible for this fee).

Click the link below for address and more information

Kissel Valley Farm

Currently undergoing some construction, but don't let that deter you. The barn, old brick house, wildflowers and vineyard still offer plenty of opportunity for beautiful pictures. Another great spot for sunset pictures. No fees here to photograph.

Click the link below for address and more information

There's no place like home

Sometimes clients want to stay in their own environment around what is familiar to them. It may make them more comfortable in front of the camera, or maybe they just want the memory of having pictures done in their home. Either way, I welcome it. So if home is where your heart is don't be afraid to ask to have your portrait session done there.

That's it???

No that is not it! Not even close. I know of many other hidden gems in the area, but I cannot give all my secrets away to the world. However, rest assured that when you book your session with me, and we discuss what your vision is for your pictures, I will steer you to the best location that fulfills your desire, and I will make your vision a reality.

Haven't scheduled a family session in a while or pictures of your children?

There is no better time than now! The summer is winding down, and cooler days are ahead. Fall dates will book quickly! Click here to book


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