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Why should you hire an experienced photographer?

Now a days I see more and more people with high end cameras. Cellphone technology and the pictures that they take is incredible. But sometimes the cellphone selfie just is not enough. I am so guilty of this, I am always behind the camera, even with my own family. As a mom of three children, I have very few pictures with me in it. I am missing capturing this time with them.

So why hire a photographer? Here are my reasons.....

It allows you to be a part of the memory

In my opinion, this is the most important. Time goes fast. They days are long, the years are short. Before you know it kids are no longer babies or toddlers. You blink and they are grown and you wonder where the time has gone. While selfies sometimes can do the trick, there's nothing like having a professional capture your memories for you. It's easy to think that the memories will be preserved on your phone, but often times, when looking back, I sometimes recognize that I'm not in any of the memories. Hiring a photographer gives you a chance to be a part of the memories. You get to be in the moments with your loved ones, rather than separated from the moment by taking a quick snapshot with a screen that fits in your pocket.


you want images to share with family and friends or photos to hang in your home, a professional photographer is the only way to go. While it’s important to capture the everyday moments, it’s also important to have photos that you can look back on years later and that your children—and maybe even grandchildren—can enjoy for decades to come.


Professional photographers have invested a lot of money into their equipment and have tons of knowledge on how to maximize its use. Just because someone purchases an expensive camera does not mean that they are going to automatically start taking amazing images. When photographers have equipment that they know how and when to use, the quality of pictures tends to be better.

I operate my camera manually, which allows me to have full control of the photos I am taking, and I edit photos them to my style; I want my work to be consistent so I don't use presets. I know my equipment very well, and this makes a big difference in the final product of your photos.

You rely on their experience and guidance

A professional photographer understands concepts like lighting, locations, and editing and how to use them to make the types of images that stand head and shoulders above what most people can get.

We have a creative eye that others may not have. Most have the ability to see different angles that the average person may not think of when taking a photo. Knowing how to capture what you are shooting can make images look far superior than those just shot straight on.

No matter how many times you’ve had your photo taken, it can still be a little anxiety-inducing, especially if you have kids to corral. The patience of a pro can really help ease some of the stress of making sure everyone is smiling and not throwing a fit. Plus, a professional will have plenty of tricks up their sleeve for getting a smile out of your kids and will know just how to help you pose and relax to look like your most natural, comfortable self.

They care about making you happy

A professional is genuinely invested in your satisfaction with your images. This isn’t a side job for them—it’s their career. They’ve worked hard to build their business, and they put in the time and effort necessary to make their clients happy. A professional photographer also understands the importance of getting the job done in a timely fashion and ensuring you’re thrilled with the results.

Finally, You deserve it

Some people feel that professional photography just isn’t worth the investment. They don’t know what they’d do with their images, or they feel like it’s a waste of time and money. But photos are one of the few ways we can truly hold on to memories. As you grow older, you’ll forget so many things you swore to remember. Photography can help you look back on your growing family, on your children’s first years, and on the beginning of your marriage. You deserve to remember the special moments in your life, and your kids deserve to have photos of you when you’re gone.

Everyone deserves to be remembered, and photography helps us capture those memories for the years and decades to come.


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