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Your family is not perfect, why should your family pictures be?

Family Pictures. They can be stressful; picking the location, organizing outfits, planning around nap times of little ones, making sure the kids are fed and happy, making sure your spouse or significant other is fed and happy. It's a lot, and it can be overwhelming because as a mom we want it to be perfect. It's a lot of pressure and in the end we end up forgoing capturing the memories.

We are not perfect so how can we expect our family portraits to be? And why do we expect them to be? Right there we are adding a huge amount of stress on ourselves. I am here to tell no session ever goes perfectly; nothing goes just as planned and even the easiest photo sessions present their own challenges.

Do not stress! Some of the most relaxed images, silly faces, and children playing behind the scenes become the most cherished memories. Don't shy away from family photos, because you don't think your little ones will sit long enough for a picture. If you have been following me and reading my posts then you have heard me say "this time is fleeting. They are only little once, capture them now because one day you will blink and they will be grown."

I can help! I can help you alleviate that stress of family portraits. I understand how you feel because I have been there. I can help you choose a location, give you insight on your outfit choices, entertain your kids, and even make your significant other crack a smile. I keep things relaxed so there is no stress to get the images that you desire.

And in the end, there is post processing to help with those imperfections. Like when eyes are closed, hair fly aways, someone has a better smile in another picture - head swapping in pictures goes a long way. It's not ideal, and it takes some time, but a professional photographer who has the skill it can be done.

In this post are some examples of some perfectly imperfect pictures - Sweet moments, some posed, and some images where I used some head swapping was a must.

I don't just take pictures. For your entire session I am your light, location, and portrait composition expert, your hair, makeup, and outfit consultant, your esteem builder, the calming voice when things are not going as you planned, and your entertainer.

After that, I become the artist with at least 2-3 hours of behind the scenes work to create your gallery; cropping, brightening, head swapping if needed, etc. In the end you will receive exactly what you wanted out of your session.

It does not just come out of the camera😉

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