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Will the Class of 2024... Please 

Stand Up!


My name is Erica

Just a girl originally from a suburb outside Philadelphia; a transplant to Lancaster , PA when I was 16. Wife and mom to 3 not so little kids.  ICU nurse for 25 years.  Animal loving, soccer fan, sunset watching with a passion for the beach and the Florida gulf coast.

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Rachel K. | Lancaster, PA

Erica has been photographing our family for 8 years! 
She is personable and fun; and with a family of seven, we can always count on her to capture a nice family photo. She is efficient, which we appreciate with young kids. She is great with kids and when the little ones are not into it, she can always get them to have fun and cooperate to get a lovely photo. 
We love the rapport we have built with Erica over the years. And the kids love that it is a familiar face.
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