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Senior Pictures... When to book?

Senior girl in flower field

Your junior year is behind you . You are soaking up the sun, still in vacation mode, enjoying time with your friends; there is no rush, you have got plenty of time right? The answer is "no!" In a few more weeks, we will be gearing up for back to school, fall sports, and all the chaos that comes a long with it. Your search for your senior portrait photographer should have started either the end of your junior year or in early summer. You should be considering what you want in your senior pictures; how do you envision yourself in these pictures, and how do you want them to look. Not every photographer will be the right photographer for you. Besides your budget, you need to consider their style, the look of their images and how they edit, what they offer, will they travel if you want them to, and so much more. Some photographers are images are light and airy. Some have a more edgy vibe, with higher contrast and muted tones. Some strictly use natural light, some may use strobes, some may use both. Some may have a studio option, and some may be strictly outdoors. Once you decide who will give you what you want, my biggest tip for you is to book early!

Senior portrait season has officially begun!

senior girl city

It is never to early to book! In addition to your schedule, your parents schedule, the photographers schedule, we also need to deal with mother nature. Here in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas we have all four seasons, and we all know very well that in PA mother nature likes to keep us on our toes. She can sometimes ruin the best laid out plans. Booking early will ensure that you have enough time to reschedule in the event Mother NatureYou will want to be sure you have enough time to reschedule if you need to.

From now thru August bookings will start, because seniors, especially the girls, want their sun kissed look. They want to wear cute sandals and sundresses. Some will opt for beach pictures, while others may prefer a flower flowers. Often seniors have more availability now because there are no school or sports obligations so there is more availability. But fall is where it is at. The fall season is not just my busy time, but every photographers busiest time. Some photographers will book months in advance for prime dates for fall color, and if they aren't booked fully yet, surely those requests will be rolling in the next couple weeks. People love the decrease in temperature and humidity, and the fall palette provides a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Putting on jeans, with boots, flannels and cozy sweaters that compliment the fall colors, but often times it is still warm enough to add in some more summer like styles.

But just because summer and fall are the most popular seasons among high school seniors, that doesn't mean that you too need to choose that time of year. Winter and spring can be just as beautiful.

I always tell my clients to consider their personal style and the locations that they want to use, and when those locations will be aesthetically pleasing (like flowers and tall grasses, fall foliage, etc.). Decide what colors you look best in and what you are most comfortable wearing. This will help narrow down when you should schedule your session based on your preference. One thing you do want to keep in mind when scheduling your session later, is to be sure that you will have your images back before graduation; Prints, memory books, graduation announcements and gifts for family. You want to display those images proudly at your grad party for family to see.

If you have not booked your senior portrait session yet I strongly encourage you to do so! Waiting too long, may limit your choice of dates or the time of year. You are only a senior once, and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.



Fun Facts about EMP Senior Sessions:

  • Did you know that every 2024 senior that books with EMP Photography receives a free inspiration and style guide?

  • Option to have hair and make up done, and have the stylist come to your session to touch up make up or change hair styles, to keep you looking fresh

  • I have been building up a "senior closet" full of fun props, like hats, bags, and sun glasses, that you can use to compliment your style.

  • Each senior will have a video reel of their session for social media.

Click here to more about what EMP is offering 2024 seniors


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