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What is the best time for your photo session? (Part One)

Here we are, heading into spring. I like to think of this as a time or rebirth. The weather is getting warmer, and flowers and budding trees are around the corner. People come out more; walking their dogs and kids are outside playing. People may start to consider scheduling senior or family portraits. So when is the best time? The answer is really two fold. The best time of year, and the best time of day. Today, I am just going to discuss the time of year.

Each season has it's own little perk, which I am going to break down for you. In doing so I am hoping that you will be able to decide which time of year would be best for you.

Let's begin with the season we are in, Spring.


As I mentioned, spring is when things start to come alive again. And after being cooped up all winter we are happy to be outside. The earlier months of spring tend to be very wet, and still chilly. Later April and into early June is really where it is at in terms of photographing, but that is just my opinion. The plush green backdrop with pops of vibrant color is gorgeous in pictures. I will say things tend to be "very green" at this time. So if you are considering spring, I would avoid green clothing, or photographing is a wooded area. There needs to be something to break it up; some hardscape, a fence, open field, etc. Family portraits can be stunning with cherry blossom trees as your backdrop, or in a field with dandelions. Yes, weeds. The pop of yellow color and the bokeh in the image adds interest and beauty.


Photography aside, I just love summer. It is hands down my favorite season. Warm summer nights, later days, beautiful sunsets. Would I say it is the best season for family or senior portraits? I would say it is my second most popular time of year. Sessions in the morning or a couple hours before sunset are ideal to beat the heat on those hot, sticky days. However, even on a sunny day, the options are endless in summer. Trees are full providing a canopy of cool shade, flowers are still in bloom. So slip on your sundress and sandals, and whether its portraits on the beach or a field. Guaranteed your images will be amazing.


Family and senior photos taken in autumn is without a doubt the most popular time of year. Autumn is the season photographers dream of. The autumn backdrops are nothing short of stunning. What I love about photographing in autumn is not just the colors, but also the feelings fall brings with it. We begin to move out of our sandals and back into boots. It’s sweater weather and we feel ready to ease into our cozy clothing. Layers and textured clothing photographs beautifully, as well jewel tone colors, burgundy, navy, and mustard.

As the temperatures start to drop, the sun follows suit with later sunrises and earlier sunsets which means my sessions can take place earlier in the evening than they do mid summer. This is a great time of year to update you family photos, especially if you’re of the organized type and love to get Christmas cards in the mail on time. I will be booked solid during the fall months. So if want autumn portraits and you are considering me, or any photographer really, BOOK EARLY!!!


This is probably the least popular time of year for family photos, yet I still think it’s fab! And if you are a procrastinator, it is a great time for to get those Christmas card pictures. What I love, love, love about winter sessions is the light. The sun is low in the sky and that allows me to be more creative with my photographs. I am able to get pretty sun flare images well into mid morning. I also love winter clothing. Building on the fall wardrobe I love the additions of hats, scarves, mittens and coats. As we move into the New Year there is a better chance of it snowing. But outside is not the only option, do a lifestyle shoot in your home .

Whatever season you decide is perfect for your family photos, I am here for you!

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This post was created in response to a question that someone had posted on a previous blog? Have a question about photography or a photo session? Ask. Feel free to reach out or post in the comments. I will be happy to answer them!

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